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Catalan is the ninth language spoken in Europe and the eighth on the Internet, and is also the official language of the Principality of Andorra. Catalan is spoken in France, in the Roussillon area; in Sardinia in Alghero; and in Spain it is co-official language with Spanish in: Catalonia, the Valencian Community and the Balearic Islands.


The number of native and foreign speakers is around 10 million and there are more and more people, living inside and outside the areas where Catalan is spoken, interested in learning and improving this language. Some because, in the future, they want to live or study in an area where Catalan is spoken, and thus have a more complete experience. Others, because they are already living or studying in these areas and want to improve their integration through the language. There are also people interested in having the level certificate in order to be able to work or take competitive examinations in areas where Catalan is official or co-official.


For all these reasons, we offer different types of courses adapted to different needs, with the best native teachers, trained in the communicative methodology for teaching foreign languages. You will learn from the professionalism of our teachers and the flexibility of timetables and contents to adapt to your needs.


Lessons can be individual or in groups. If you need more information, write to us, we will be happy to help you.


Catalan by level

From A1 to C2

If you are interested in learning Catalan.

If you have friends or relatives with whom you would like to speak Catalan.

If you want to study at university or vocational training in Andorra, Catalonia, Valencia or the Balearic Islands.

If you have a subject in Catalan in your syllabus and you are having difficulty following the classes.

If you are taking an official exam to certify your Catalan.


  It’s for you

In these online Catalan courses, with native teachers specially trained in the teaching of Catalan, you can learn, gradually, following the different levels established in the Common Framework of Reference for Languages CEFR.

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«Catalan experience»

If you are thinking of travelling to Catalonia, Valencia or the Balearic Islands and you are interested in learning about the language, culture, gastronomy, geography, customs…

If you have been living in one of these four places for a short time and you want to know more about their language and culture.


    it’s for you

In this online Catalan experience course we offer you an approach to the Catalan language, at a basic level, from its culture and customs so that you can enjoy your stay in these places even more.

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Preparation for official catalan exams

These courses are designed for students who want to take the official exam to obtain the certificate (B1/B2/C1 and C2) in Catalan.

Normally, there are two exams a year. Ramon Llull University is one of the centres that organises the exams. In these courses you will be able to understand and practise the structure of the test and see the most important points (in terms of written and oral expression and language proficiency) to be taken into account when taking the test.

Having the official certificate is necessary to access many jobs in Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands, and in many cases, certification in Catalan can be more important than experience.

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